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Oxford Heated Grips v7 v7a v8 Heizgriffe

While browsing the web, I found  some useful information about the Oxford Heated Grips from the Sales Support Administrator of Oxford Products USA Inc.

v7 and v7a Controller

Prior to the introduction of the Premium range in 2013, featuring the v8 intelligent 2-button controller, the v7 & v7a 3-button controller had a shut off on it if the grips were accidentally left on when bike ignition switched off. Once the switch detected the battery had dropped below 11.5 V, it would shut the grips off. This stopped the battery from being damaged but in many cases, prevented the bike from being started as the voltage was too low. A solution some riders employed was to connect the controller to a relay switch.

v8 Controller

The Premium range 2 button v8 controller detects within 2 minutes of the bike ignition being switched off and goes into stand-by. If the bike isn’t started within a further 5 minutes, the controller will switch the grips off. Bike battery will barely have dropped.

If a v8 intelligent controller is connected to a relay switch, it will invariably result in the controller not performing correctly. It is absolutely not recommended that the v8 controller which is standard fitment with all Premium Heaterz since 2013, be connected to a relay switch. It must be connected directly to the battery terminals and if other devices are connected to them also, the v8 controller needs to be the first one so it connects onto the battery terminal.

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Technical Data v8 Controller

• This switch is extremely efficient and in standby will only draw 71 µA (0.071 mA). Therefore long term connection will not flatten a battery.
• This switch can offer power upto 10 A although the Hotgrips themselves will only draw 3.6 A on average.
• This switch has been lab tested to ensure EMC compliance and more importantly has been subjected to the most severe automotive spike and pulse laboratory testing to ensure that none of the electrical circuits on the motorcycle could damage or interfere with the operation of the switch.
• Conforms to Directive 97/24/EC as last amended by 2009/108/EC.
• 12 V Systems only (Typical running voltage between 13.5 V and 14.3 V)
• Current drain: Average 3.6 A per pair (up to 2.0 A each –> 28 W – 30 W)
• Fuse: 5 A mini-blade fuse (available in all automotive shops)
• On some motorbikes that have older or small capacity batteries, the extra electrical current demanded by the Hotgrips can reduce the battery voltage levels and replacing this by charging is recommended.  Therefore, we always advise you to connect the battery to a charging system such as the OXFORD Oximiser or Maximiser when the bike is not in use.

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